Indahnya Percutian di Pangkor

Aku suka kalau dengar bab bercuti kat pulau ni sebab aku ni memang minat sangat duk tepi pantai dihembus angina bayu yang membawa rindu, cewaah. Dengar bunyi ombak jer dapat buat aku relax. Sambil tengok matahari terbenam createkan suasana romantic walaupun aku sorang. Haha kesian kan. This time around, aku nak cite kat hangpa semua, kalaulah korang ada ura-ura atau plan nak ke pulau pangkor, aku nak share pasal satu tempat yang korang boleh stay. Nama tempat tu Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort. Kalau korang tak pernah jejak kat tempat ni, aku pesan cuba-cubalah kasi gegar sama ini tempat. Haha..

Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort ni senang nak cari sebab dia dekat dengan port biasa dalam Pulau Pangkor. Kalau rasa nak stay lama memang tempat ni paling tiptop and well recommended by others. Camne aku tau? Aku sebelum nak ke tempat tu aku dah baca dan review tentang penginapan So memang aku nie jenis suka buat preparation so percutian aku takdelah sia-sia, and that’s why aku suggest korang do the same. This place is good for family dan kalau korang jenis island backpackers pun takde hal. Resort ni boleh cater semua needs korang, I’ll guaranteed it.

Meh sini aku nak cite apa yang syoknya kat resort ni. Dia ada express check in and check out so korang tak payah nak tunggu lama bila nak dapat bilik dengan syarat korang book la awal-awal so takdelah kena berebut bilik nanti. Tak pasal-pasal mood terus jadi down. That’s why korang wajib book awal macam aku book kat Traveloka. Datang-datang dah boleh check in pukul 3 petang. Staff kat front desk pun memang suka sangat senyum walaupun aku tak buat lawak. Sebab biasanya aku buat lawak Krik Krik… hahaha. Staff di resort ni bagi servis 5 bintang aku boleh bagi. Reception resort ni pula operate 24 jam sehari so kalau agak-agak terkunci bilik dari luar jangan segan silu minta tolong diorang. Kalau tak tidur kat pantai laa jawabnya.

Selain tu, security kat resort ni operate 24 jam gak untuk safety kita semua. Barulah rasa selamat dan yakin takde orang kacau port kita kan. Kalau stay lama resort ni ada laundry service untuk korang basuh baju korang, 3-4 kali pun boleh so korang bawak jer 2 helai baju. Hahaha. Resort ni jugak boleh tolong korang kalau korang taktau mana nak pergi atau nak aktiviti apa sebab diorang ada servis tours, siap ada tour guide yang boleh bawak korang ke mana-mana yang best. Dalam bilik lak, ada TV, katil yang empuk, meja untuk korang study kalau rasa nak study untuk final exam la kan, shower ngan bathtub untuk penggemar berendam, bukan badak berendam ya, eh lapar la pulak. Haha ok-ok sambung.

Air panas confirm ada, aircond pun confirm ada, tapi yang paling best swimming pool pun ada. Kena training dulu berenang banyak round barulah boleh turun laut, tak gitu boss? Hahaha. Bab makan korang don’t worry, ada restoran yang boleh korang try untuk memenuhi citarasa korang, kalau malas turun boleh order room service. Kalau nak lagi interesting diorang boleh sediakan untuk korang buat bbq. Apa lagi kambing la geng. Hahaha. Ikan pun ok gak. Kalau masa bercuti nanti korang plan nak bersantai tapi tetiba ofis call suruh email sesuatu, kat resort ni ada wifi at public place.

Lepas korang dah setel semua apa lagi jom kita turun beach, lagi banyak aktiviti yang boleh buat. Main bolatampar boleh, snorkelling boleh, mandi laut lepas korang training kat swimming pool pun boleh. Kalau tak sure nak buat apa kacau jer staff resort mana tau ada idea menarik ker. Resort ni memang dekat dengan pekan kecik so kalau korang nak beli apa-apa keperluan atau nak beli makan yang lain dari café resort, no problem. Korang try la yer Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort ni.

10 Things Teachers Hate Most


Hi Bloggers!
How are you there? Hope u fine! 

Do teachers love their job? Of course they do! 

Teaching is my passion..and  you know what? There isn’t any other job out there that I could imagine doing, aside from maybe built my own business.

Teaching is a part of my life. Most teacher agree that :
"Children are all so unique, and being able to watch them grow and progress every day is the best feeling in the world."

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Some days there are things that just make me crazy.Here's some list of things that teachers hate :

1) Fist Day of school.
10 things teacher hate
Hahahaha ,..( big grin and laugh) The start of a new school year elicits a lot of feelings, and not just from parents and students.Returning from a mere two-day break from work often brings out a phenomenon known as “the Sunday night blues” – even though we know that teachers spend more time than you think working over the school break, they worry on Sunday nights about the stresses awaiting them on Monday morning.

2)Teacher-students conflict
Sources of conflict:
  • Power Struggles
  • Grades
  • Discipline policies
  • Personality conflict
  • Beliefs
  • Backgrounds
  • Problems/stress from home (both teacher and student)
  • Anxiety
  • Testing authority
  • Showing favortitism
  • Control Your Voice
  • Using a soft but firm voice is less inflammatory than a raised voice or sarcastic tone. Speak slowly and calmly.
  • Relax Your Body Language
  • Keeping a relaxed posture and using non-aggressive body language can also defuse escalating tensions. No pointed fingers, swinging arms or invading personal space.
  • Avoid Making Judgmental Statements.
4) False accusations
As I am a teacher, I do hate students telling lie.Over the past year it has been reported that a student was going to report her teacher was beat her because she "didn't like the grade he gave her." In another frequent example, a student complained that the teacher had "inappropriately" touched her because he required too much homework or had "embarrassed" her by singling her out to respond to a question in class. 
Similarly, female teachers find themselves charged with "inappropriate" touching towards both male and female students for a variety of reasons. Coaches and physical education teachers of both genders are particularly vulnerable to such allegations. 
So, how do teachers protect themselves from false accusations? 
5) Unresponsive students.
As a teacher, you do find from time to time that despite your best efforts in teaching and learning process, you will have those who are simply unresponsive to any of your effort. If you’ve made your best efforts in your presentation  with content and engaging subject lines, but the students do not react ,sometimes it’s will make u die hard!
Sometimes parents are annoying and can be downright stress-inducing at times. Whether you’re dealing with own parents, those of your significant other, or the parents of students in your classroom, it's important to find ways to manage your encounters with them. It’s not easy to deal with irritating parents, and there’s no surefire way to get them to stop aggravating you, but there are steps you can take to manage the annoyance and keep your cool.
"A teacher’s job is not as easy as marking books and chalk and talk. We do more than teach."
Teaching is said to be a form of gift.It may seem easy but not everyone is blessed with that ability. Teaching can go beyond the classroom’s four walls and the wisdom shared may be beneficial for the students in many years to come. But, do you know what really goes on in these unsung heroes' lives? Do you know about the hardships they endure just to see their students soar high in the outside world one day?
As a teacher, you are never completely finished with work.Because teacher couldn’t let go of work and students’ problems, they started to suffer from exhaustion and anxiety attacks and finally diagnosed with burnout.It’s undeniable: The work stress is increasing.
8) Credibility Dispute
According to Hattie, teacher's credibility is vital to learning, and students are very perceptive about ;knowing which teachers can make a difference (Hattie 2012; 251ff).There are four key factors of credibility: trust, competence, dynamism and immediacy.
The teacher's in trouble if  the students disbelieve him.Trust is main the key of credibility. When the students trust you that means they trust on your credibility.
10) Calculate the time for the class to end.

teacher-student conflict
Teacher is not an angel. So do the students. sometimes there is a situation when teacher and student can't control the situation and get involved into teacher-students conflict.Below I've listed the sources of conflict.

What Educators Can Do?
With so many factors potentially influencing a student’s behavior and reactions, there is only one thing that is certain: You have the power to control your own behavior. The better able the adults in the building are to stay calm, maintain a professional demeanor and remember that students’ behavioral mistakes are teaching opportunities, the better your school environment will be. Here are a few tips to share with other educators and to use yourself:
3)Unfinished homework

I was puzzled by the students’ attitudes towards homework.Why these students can't finish their homework? Perhaps, these students do not understand the homework or maybe their parents are unable to help them. Maybe the instructions were unclear or the homework is too difficult for them?

As for teachers too, of course they worried about their own homework. Marking paper, books, do a revision and preparation for the next class, prepare teaching tools, writing lesson plan and so on. so don't you ever dare to ask teacher why they hate unfinished homework.

Should you have any concern regarding your conduct towards students, remember an old adage, "when in doubt don't." Act with caution and seek guidance and approval from administrators before taking unilateral action that might be open to unintended 


6) Annoying parents

7) Excessive jobs and tasks.

teachers credibility

You will trapped when students start questioning your credibility as a teacher.

9) Being Observe
observed lesson

In theory, the purpose of the observation process is both a normative and a summative assessment process – to work with the teacher to improve their practice and effectiveness and produce an end year grade as part of the new system. But the truth is  teachers hate to be observed and principals hate to do observations.

The saddest part is class have not begun yet but students have startd counting time to go home. sensitive!

Penah tak korang jumpa makcik2 yang kekadang ni macam tak ada common sense?
Bercakap ikut sedap mulut je.. sesedap rasa.
Langsung tak pikir perasaan orang lain.

Aku dok perati je!
Ah, come on lah mak cik..cakap tu pada-padalah.
Kau takkan tak rasa kalau orang tu makan hati ke, patah hati ke, sakit hati ke?
Kau nak ganti ke hati dia yang rabak tu nanti?

Ada mak cik kantin tempat aku ni aku tak paham jugaklah
Ada ke patut dia duk selongkar hal orang ,tanya itu tanya ini lepas tu..
Sesuka hati je keluarkan perkataan yang menyakitkan telinga bagi orang yang tak tahan mendengarnya.

Selama hidup orang tu tak pernah lagi ada orang yang mengeluarkan perkataan itu kat dia
Tetiba mak cik ni dengan selamba mengulang2 perkataan itu di depannya.
Patut ke orang itu 'smack down' je mak cik tu?

Sudah la begitu.
Esok harinya di tanya lagi benda yang sama diulang lagi perkataan yang sama berulang2
Rasa macam nak tampar pon ada.

Hatta ahli keluarga dan kawan rapat pon tak berani nak sebut perkataan tu pada aku
tetiba mak cik kantin ni sesuka hati je cakap aku 'MANDUL' tanpa rasa segan silu n rasa bersalahnya
Muka macam tak ada perasaan langsung.

Kang aku 'SMACK DOWN' kau makcik jangan salahkan aku!

homemade 'Kuih Raya'

Hye dear,
Lama tak nulis dalam blog berhabuk ni.Ahaha!!
Serius busy .Hmm tambah plak anak2 nak exam ni kan.Lagilah busy

Cuba sebaik mungkin menyambung tuisan blog yang suam2 kuku ni.
Actually Bella tak ada benda nak cerita so kali ni..walaupun Raya dah nak sampai ke penghujungnya
Bella nak jugak ucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA tu you all!!

Kali ni nak cerita pasal KUIH RAYA. Kuih Raya hasil tangan Bella sendiri tau? Sedap ke tak sedap kuih Bella ni? Bolehlah nak telan.Hihi..

Jum tengok kuih apa yang Bella buat tahun ni?

Disebabkan kesibukan, maka Bella cuma sempat buat beberapa jenis kuih je. Yang penting sedap u all! hahah.

Jangan gelak k. Kiri sekali popia cheese meletop. Tengah tu popia nestum sweety. yang kanan sekali tu german cookies. German cookies tu fav my hubby sebab tekstur yang lembut n mudah cair dimulut.

Bak kata my hubby sesuaila untuk nenek n datuk yang xada gigi.huahaha.

Kuih muih yang lainnya seperti tart nenas. Semperit. Chocolate cookies Bella beli dari kakak ipar yang sememangnya ada bisnes bakerynya sendiri.

Macam mana pulak dengan u all.cube cerita sikit hasil tangan u all untuk raya tahun ni. Mesti gempak kan kuih muih yg u all buat?

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Program Unit Kemanusiaan.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Hai korang semua.Blogger cun melecun dan hensem belaka. Pada minggu lepas Kami telah mengadakan Program Unit Kemanusiaan ( Panitia Agama Islam, Panitia Teknik &  Vokasional dan Panitia Sejarah ,Georgafi)

Antara Aktiviti Unit Kemanusiaan adalah Canting Batik:

Kerjasama berpasukan menyiapkan canting batik..

Tadaa..cantikkan hasilnya??

           Pelajar dan hasil seninya! senyum je dia

Selain itu, adajuga aktiviti Jutaria gergasi. Ini di bawah unit ekonomi dan akaun. Pelajar belajar cara menyelesaikan permasalahan ekonomi dan akaun melalui permainan ini. Main sambil belajarlah katakan..

Jutaria gergasi

Hah, kalau korupsi dan pecah amanah bolehlah kita hantarkan ke penjara ye?..hhehee

giant dice

Wahhh..besarnya buah dadu itu!