10 weirdest shaped house in world

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Do you have a dream house? So how was it look likes? Is it a bungalow? Is it far away? Is it large? How about the Landscape?

My dream home would be on the ocean , well not on the ocean but beside it with a white sandy beach or maybe it would be on the Waterfall. Imagine how fantastic it was when you wake up in the morning , listening to the sound of the water dropped, staring into the green landscape around you, breathing in the fresh air. The house would be an a frame backed against a hill. The front wall would be glass with a stairway coming up to the bedroom. On cloudy nights you could watch the florescent in the waves coming into the beach while you went to sleep. Other nights you could counting the stars in the western sky.

 It's amazing , right?

Let's find out 10 weirdest  shaped house that make you laugh or cry to get it!

Shoe house

The Shoe House  in Hellam (Pennsylvania, USA).


Abuja Airplane House, Nigeria

Toilet bowl house

                                                    The Toilet-shaped house , in Suwon (South Korea).

Ufo house

                                               The UFO Spaceship House ,  in Chattanooga (TN, USA).

Iran house

Boroujerdi House  Kashan,Iran


 Turkana home, Kenya.


Ndebele House, South Africa


                                                                   The Nautilus House , Mexico


The Errente Guest House, Chille

Malaysia rumah panjang

Rumah Panjang, Malaysia


  1. Semuanya menarik..rumah bentuk toilet pun ada hihi

  2. rumah panjang Malaysia unik. tak terlalu complicated hehe :)

  3. semua nampak pelik2 je lagi2 yang rupa campur kapal terbang tu. serabut

  4. pelik tapi comel..kalau berada kat tempat ni, sakan saya berselfie..hehe

  5. macam2 bentuk rumah boleh dilihat seluruh dunia ya nabila. yg di chille tu macam nak runtuh pun ada ^_^.

    rumah idaman akak, biarlah yg ada tanah boleh bercucuk tanam, ada dusun di halaman sendiri, ada kawasan boleh lepak2 dgn family, nyaman ajer..ibarat syurga lah org kata...hihi

  6. rumah panjang paling x pelik